York – January 2021. Animalcare has partnered with RCVS Feline Specialist Dr Sarah Caney to provide new educational materials to help vets strengthen their management of feline hyperthyroidism cases.  In a short 15-minute video, Dr Caney gives her advice on the key aspects of the medical management of these cases.  She also introduces Thiamacare®, the strongest oral solution of thiamazole available, launched by Animalcare in 2020. With 10 mg/ml thiamazole, Thiamacare® is double the concentration of the current liquid option, for the lowest dose volume available.

Dr Caney has also worked with Animalcare to help produce an eye-catching clinic infographic. It includes practical tips on handling hyperthyroid cats in order to minimise stress, as low-stress handling is known to help benefit treatment outcomes.  The infographic also contains tips for owners on transporting cats, gives advice to practices on how to make waiting rooms and consult rooms cat-friendly and suggests considerations for blood-sampling and therapeutic assistance.

Both the video and infographic, together with other helpful content, including a client leaflet and social media toolkit, are available to download free of charge from www.the-pac.co.uk

James Beaumont, Brand Manager, says; “Hyperthyroid cats can be challenging to treat and to handle. We hope the educational resources we have developed with Dr Caney will support practice teams in strengthening the management of these cases, ensuring higher welfare for affected cats and supporting the human-companion animal bond.”

Thiamacare® UK POM-V Vm 32742/4013.  Please refer to the SPC or package leaflet for full product information including side effects, precautions, warnings and contra-indications before use


York – October 2020: Animalcare has extended its anaesthesia range with the launch of a Propofol 10mg/ml solution; Propomitor®, an intravenously administered general anaesthetic for brief procedures in dogs and cats.

Propomitor can be used for the induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia for procedures lasting up to five minutes by the administration of incremental doses or as a constant rate infusion (CRI). It can also be used for the induction of general anaesthesia where maintenance is provided by the inhalation of anaesthetic agents.

Commenting, Animalcare Product Manager Kai Crawshaw said: “Propofol is the ‘go to’ solution for short-acting anaesthesia in many practices so we are delighted to add Propomitor, our new affordable propofol solution, to our range. It complements our already extensive anaesthetic toolkit, which offers options for analgesia, sedation, gaseous anaesthesia and recovery.”

Propomitor is available in boxes of 5 x 20 ml bottles.

Practices are asked to contact their Animalcare Territory Manager or contact Animalcare’s head office on 01904 487687 for more information.

Animalcare has announced the launch of Thiamacare®, the strongest oral solution of thiamazole available. With 10 mg/ml thiamazole, Thiamacare is double the concentration of the current liquid option, for the lowest dose volume available.

Stronger compliance

Liquid formulations are fast becoming a popular choice for the long-term medication of cats, with 87.4% of owners citing them as their preferred option.1 This, together with the fact that cats find liquid formulations significantly more palatable2, means using an oral solution, such as Thiamacare, can help improve compliance when managing feline hyperthyroidism.

Stronger convenience

Thiamacare allows for easy and accurate dosing with the dosing syringe clearly marked with a single scale in 1.25 mg increments. This facilitates precise dosing in response to total T4 measurement values and requires no conversion when switching from other brands or formulations. Thanks to the double concentration formulation, practices only need to stock one size bottle (30ml), which gives 60 days of treatment at the recommended starting dose.

Stronger support

Animalcare has developed a suite of materials to encourage the use of Thiamacare as the preferred choice for feline hyperthyroid medical management. These include social posts and a post-prescription leaflet to help veterinary teams support owners, particularly through the stabilisation phase post-diagnosis. A short webinar offering top tips for treating feline hyperthyroidism from feline Specialist Dr Caney will also be available later in October.  These resources will all be available at www.the-pac.co.uk.

James Beaumont, Brand Manager, says; ‘’We are excited to be launching Thiamacare and bringing a stronger solution for the management of feline hyperthyroidism to the market. Our experience means that we understand the difficulties for some owners in medicating their pets, especially with a condition such as hyperthyroidism, which often makes cats more fractious and even more resistant to handling. With the lowest dose volume available, we believe Thiamacare will make the medical management of this condition easier through improved cat acceptance and better owner compliance. Recognising the pressures that vets in practice often face, we have also deliberately focused on making the process of switching brands easy with the range of support materials.’’

Thiamacare joins Animalcare’s Thiafeline tablets to provide a range of feline hyperthyroidism medical management options to suit all administration preferences and is licensed for the long-term treatment of feline hyperthyroidism and the stabilisation of cats prior to thyroidectomy.

For stronger feline hyperthyroidism management in your practice, contact your local Animalcare representative via email animalcare@animalcare.co.uk or telephone 01904 487687.

Animalcare has achieved carbon neutral status as part of its commitment to run its business sustainably.  The company undertook a detailed assessment of its carbon emissions earlier this year and has since worked to reduce them, while instituting offsetting measures, such as tree-planting, to enable it to become carbon neutral.

Animalcare’s carbon emissions assessment report was undertaken by Carbon Footprint Ltd, which helps organisations to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.  Some of the company’s highest carbon-emitting activities related to business travel and have been reduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but Animalcare is continuing to adopt measures, such as virtual meetings, to ensure that emissions in this area do not rise again once travel restrictions are lifted.  It is also evaluating renewable energy suppliers for its headquarters in York.  To offset its emissions, the company is participating in the Brazil Verified Carbon Standard REED project, which is working to prevent unplanned deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

In addition, to support a further reduction of carbon in the atmosphere in the UK, Animalcare is working on a project to plant more than 200 native British broad-leaved trees at venue close to its headquarters later this year.  As well as the environmental benefits to wildlife and human well-being they offer, trees sequester carbon and, in so doing, help to mitigate the impact of human activity.

Commenting, Animalcare Product Manager Kai Crawshaw said: “Our responsibility as an animal health company extends beyond helping our veterinary colleagues to care for sick and vulnerable animals. We also take our responsibility to the environment, both at home and globally, very seriously.

“As some aspects of our work, for instance the packaging of our products, are governed by regulation so beyond our direct control, we are focusing strongly on what we actually can do to make a difference.  We have already taken steps to reduce and offset our carbon emissions and are looking forward to helping to improve our local environment by planting more trees.  It is an exciting journey and we are very proud to have achieved carbon neutral status.”

Five veterinary nurses working in an array of clinical settings have been announced as the winners of Animalcare’s Vet Nurse Heroes competition.

The competition, which took place during Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month (VNAM) (May 2020), called on team members to nominate their nurse colleagues who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty, particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a flood of great entries, the winners of the competition have been announced as:

Claire Defries, VN programme leader at the College of Animal Welfare
Claire was praised for the support she gave to vet nurses in training during the lockdown, enabling third-year students to sit their final exams. Besides developing online training, virtually overnight, Claire was also commended for the pastoral support she has provided to students during the lockdown.

Ellie Tappenden, Albyn Veterinary Centre, Broxburn
Ellie’s nomination pays recognition to her work to create a local support network with other vets. During the lockdown, Ellie worked long shifts before delivering regular medicines and ensuring that her self-isolating clients were coping. She also organised a collection of spare PPE for the local hospital, all while managing her pain from a degenerative disease, Ehlers Danlos, which she fights daily.

Tammy Jarvis, RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre, March

Tammy gave exceptional support to all 105 patients at the RSPCA centre and the veterinary surgeon. With other staff furloughed, she took on additional duties, including maintenance and ground management, and recently started sewing face masks for her colleagues.

Bethany Lavill, Etwall Vets, Derby
Bethany was nominated for coming in after hours to check up on patients and for collecting animals from clients who are self-isolating. Nominators said that she had gone above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions and still asks what more she can do to help.

Shannon Mills, Leeds Colton Vets4Pets
Shannon willingly covered a range of roles throughout lockdown and recently nursed a critical care rabbit throughout the day while overseeing reception. She also passed her mock exam with flying colours during the lockdown, all despite a recent diagnosis of epilepsy.

The winners each received a gift box, filled to the brim with delicious food and drink.

“We wanted our competition to highlight the fantastic contribution vet nurses around the country are making to their colleagues, clients and patients – but the number and quality of entries hugely exceeded our expectations,” commented Animalcare product manager, James Beaumont.

“At such a difficult time, the positivity, passion and care that each nomination exuded made reading them a moving experience and selecting only five as winners was no easy task.  We thank all those who took the time to nominate their amazing colleagues and thank every vet nurse who was nominated for their extraordinary commitment and dedication.”

The next webinar in Animalcare’s Tea-Time Training series will focus on the Canine Intestinal Microbiome and is led by Dr Shea Beasley, Product Development Manager at Vetcare Ltd. It will be available at 10.30 am on Wednesday 17 June and will explore the importance of the canine intestinal microbiome, not just on digestive health but also on the overall health and well-being of dogs.

Dr Beasley is the creator of Animalcare’s ProcanicareTM, the first bacterial GI support product developed from the intestinal bacteria of healthy dogs. Delegates attending ‘live’ will receive a free pot of Procanicare*.

Dr Shea Beasley, Product Development Manager at Vetcare Ltd

Tea-Time Training was launched by Animalcare in April to support vets and nurses keen to keep up their CPD, whether at home or in their practice.  The webinars are short, free, refresher-style training sessions, designed to be enjoyed over a cup of tea.

To register for ‘The Canine Intestinal Microbiome,’ visit https://mailchi.mp/animalcare/tea-time-training.

Each webinar is recorded and available for viewing 24/7 via the Animalcare Learning Alliance on the company’s online Practice Assistance CentreThe PAC. A range of other free webinars, including ‘4 Essentials for Successful Pet Microchipping’ and a six-part series on fluid therapy, and other resources are also available on The PAC.

* (1) UK attendees only (2) Must work for a veterinary practice that has an account with a mainstream UK veterinary wholesaler (3) One free 30g pot per practice

Animalcare has kicked off National Microchipping Month (NMM) 2020 by launching the latest of its ‘Tea-Time Training’ webinars: ‘4 Essentials for Successful Pet Microchipping,’ on Wednesday 3 June. The free webinar will be available at 10.30 am and 2.30 pm and will be led by Animalcare’s Senior Veterinary Manager, Felicity Caddick.

Tea-Time Training was launched by Animalcare in April to support vets and nurses keen to keep up their CPD, whether at home or in their practice. The webinars are short, free, refresher-style training sessions, designed to be enjoyed over a cup of tea.

Animalcare Product Manager James Beaumont said: “A missing microchipped pet is much more likely to be reunited with its owner than an animal which has not been microchipped. NMM is a great opportunity for practices to remind clients of the benefits of microchipping and, in doing so, to strengthen their relationships with clients – relationships which are even more important given the difficult times we’re living through.”

To register for ‘4 Essentials for Successful Microchipping’, visit https://mailchi.mp/animalcare/tea-time-training.

The next webinar in the Tea-Time Training series, available on 17 June, will focus on the Canine Intestinal Microbiome and will be led by Dr Shea Beasley, Product Development Manager at Vetcare Ltd. Dr Beasley is the creator of Animalcare’s ProcanicareTM, the first bacterial GI support product developed from the intestinal bacteria of healthy dogs.

Each webinar is recorded and available for viewing 24/7 via the Animalcare Learning Alliance on the company’s online Practice Assistance Centre, The PAC. A range of other free webinars and resources are also available on The PAC.

The UK team at Animalcare has been battling the lockdown blues and supporting their mental health by taking part in an exercise-based ‘Euro- challenge’ to virtually visit all of the cities in which the company’s seven European offices are based.

Each team member is choosing their preferred way of contributing to the total journey of 4,535 miles, with most cycling or running.  As they complete their exercise session, they log their distance on the Strava app.  The team is currently at ‘Barcelona’ – 2,239 miles into the challenge – with ‘Lisbon’ next on the list, before the return trip to Animalcare’s HQ in York.

Sarah Stokes, UK Head of Sales for Animalcare

The company has prepared an online travel guide for each of the cities the team is ‘visiting’ to give an insight into their history, cuisine and attractions.  Before reaching Barcelona, the team had already visited Greifswald in Germany, Breda in the Netherlands, Bruges and Milan.

Animalcare HR Manager Deborah Embleton said: “The pandemic and lockdown have turned life upside down for many over the last couple of months, with mental health charities reporting that they are being contacted by a growing number of people suffering with mental health problems.

“The wellbeing of our team is, of course, our priority and we’re all aware of the benefits of exercise and the positive impact this can have on both our physical and mental health.  Encouraging our team to get active, especially during Mental Health Awareness Week, and to meet the Euro-Challenge, seemed a great way to bring us together.  It’s proving great fun – so much so that some of our European colleagues are now also joining in.  We’re all feeling much better for the exercise and interaction and we’re now focused on covering the remaining miles and getting back to York.”

She added: “It’s an added bonus that to know that, when we do finally get to visit our European offices, we’ll know much more about the cities they’re in!”

Animalcare has launched Equizol, the UK’s first omeprazole granule treatment for gastric ulcers in horses. The apple-flavoured, gastro-resistant granules can be mixed with dry feed, making administration simpler for owners.

Studies indicate that the prevalence of gastric ulcers is high within the UK’s horse population. Up to 37 percent of leisure horses and 93 percent of race horses are reported to be affected. The most prescribed treatment is omeprazole, which is a proton pump inhibitor with an antacid activity. It reduces acidity in the stomach and helps the ulcers to heal as part of an overall treatment protocol.

​Equizol’s granule formulation has been developed to support owners who find syringe administration difficult or wasteful. It is presented in packs of 28 sachets, each containing sufficient omeprazole to treat 200 kg body weight. Owners are required to simply mix the appropriate number of sachets into a small amount of the horse’s feed.

Commenting on the launch of Equizol, Animalcare Product Manager James Beaumont said: “Offering innovative product solutions which better meet our customer’s needs is our goal and Equizol is a perfect example. Our established equine healthcare range includes products for pain management, infusion therapy and microchips. Now, with the launch of Equizol, we are offering an innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to the common problem of gastric ulcers, based on tried and trusted omeprazole. We are delighted to add it to our range.”

Animalcare is celebrating Vet Nurse Awareness Month (VNAM), May 2020, by launching a search for the country’s Vet Nurse Heroes. The company is calling on veterinary team members to nominate nurse colleagues who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty, particularly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year.

Click image for larger version Name: celebration-gift-box-1-2001534.jpg Views: 35 Size: 202.5 KB ID: 52356
Five lucky winners will each receive a Betty’s Gift Box, brimming with tasty treats, including Betty’s champagne truffles, chocolate desires, Yorkshire tea and shortbread.

Commenting, Animalcare Product Manager James Beaumont said: “Hard-working, highly skilled veterinary nurses are the backbone of veterinary clinics up and down the country and, even in these difficult times, their dedication is shining through.

“During VNAM we want to highlight those veterinary nurses who are going the extra mile to make a difference to their colleagues, their patients and their communities. Perhaps they have shown innovative thinking or strong leadership during the pandemic. They may even have changed roles and be supporting the NHS or helping a charity.

“Whatever their achievement, we want to know about it so that we can highlight the key role veterinary nurses are playing, both in practice and beyond, as we live through the lockdown and start to emerge into a very different world. We hope the deserving winners will thoroughly enjoy the delicious contents of the Betty’s Giftbox. As a Yorkshire-based company, we felt they would be the perfect thank you to some amazing people.”

Nominations of up to 250 words can be made here: https://mailchi.mp/animalcare/vn-hero. The deadline is Sunday 31 May 2020, with the five winners to be selected by a panel of Animalcare staff, including Senior Veterinary Manager Felicity Caddick and two Territory Managers, who are qualified vet nurses.