About us


About Us

Animalcare is a sustainable and passionate organisation committed to leading in animal health through innovative and trusted products and services to support the veterinary profession. We care about the well-being of animals and the positive impact that healthy animals have on their owners and society.

Animalcare have been supplying a wide range of animal health products from identichip® microchips and pharmaceuticals, to pet welfare products and practice equipment, for over 30 years. We have an enviable reputation for the high quality of our pharmaceutical products and the technical and client support materials we offer to our customers.

At Animalcare we hold five key values close to our hearts. It is these five core values that we try and conduct our business to everyday. These are;


One Team

Trusts and supports colleagues to deliver shared goals cross functionally and across countries.
Listens first and respects diversity and opinions of others.
Puts “we” before “me”.



Does the right thing even when faced with opposition and challenge.
Gives and keeps commitments.
Is objective, honest and respectful to others in every situation.



Is enthusiastic and energetic with a winning mindset.
Is self-motivated and inspires others.
Strives to make a difference and embraces change.


Taking Ownership

Gets the job done.
Takes pride in the outcome of their work.
Takes responsibility in all situations.


Have Fun

And of course ……  We Have Fun while we do it!




Animalcare Group

Following a reverse takeover of Belgian company Ecuphar NV in 2017 – the Animalcare group now operates in seven countries, each responsible for their respective sales and marketing activities. More information of the Animalcare group can be found here: www.animalcaregroup.com

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We have taken the first steps towards achieving a Carbon Neutral status as part of a commitment to run our business sustainably.  We have undertaken a detailed assessment of our carbon emissions and are now instituting measures to reduce them, while also planning additional offsetting measures, such as tree-planting, to enable us to become carbon neutral by the end of the year.

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