Animalcare Sustainability


Animalcare is a Carbon Neutral business


Animalcare has achieved carbon neutral status as part of its commitment to run our business sustainably.  We undertook a detailed assessment of our carbon emissions in 2020 and have worked to reduce them, whilst also instituting offsetting measures, such as tree-planting, to enable us to become carbon neutral.

Animalcare’s carbon emissions assessment report was undertaken by Carbon Footprint Ltd, which helps organisations to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.  Some of our highest carbon-emitting activities related to business travel and have been reduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but Animalcare is continuing to adopt measures, such as virtual meetings, to ensure that emissions in this area do not rise again once travel restrictions are lifted.  We are also evaluating renewable energy suppliers for our headquarters in York.


Tree planting projects

To offset our emissions, we are also participating in the Brazil Verified Carbon Standard REED project, which is working to prevent unplanned deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

In addition, to support a further reduction of carbon in the atmosphere in the UK, Animalcare is working on a project to plant more than 200 native British broad-leaved trees at venue close to our headquarters later this year.  As well as the environmental benefits to wildlife and human well-being they offer, trees sequester carbon and, in so doing, help to mitigate the impact of human activity.

While some aspects of our work, for instance the packaging for the products we provide, are governed by regulation so beyond our direct control, that is why we are focusing our efforts on what we can do to make a difference; ensuring that we reduce our travel and that we use renewable energy suppliers.