Cookie policy

What are cookies?

To offer you a better service when visiting websites, most sites use cookies. These are useful techniques that collect and use information. This makes websites easier to use. Cookies are small text files that a website puts on your computer’s hard drive when you visit the site.

Cookies, for example, ensure that you can remain logged in on a website or that your preferences, such as location and language settings, are remembered. Cookies also enable website owners to see how often their sites – and which pages – are viewed by visitors.

Important to know: the use of cookies is safe. Email and telemarketing campaigns are not the result of cookies. Cookies do not save your email address or telephone number, nor do they build up a profile that can be traced back to a person.

How to manage cookies

You can delete them at any time. This can be done very easily by adjusting the settings of your browser. Please note that after deleting cookies you will have to reset your preferences or log in again. You can also manage your cookies by adjusting the personal settings of your browser. This allows you to specify which new cookies you do and do not want.

You can find out how to delete cookies for each browser at these links.
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Type of cookies
Functional cookies

As the word itself suggests, these cookies ensure that our website functions optimally and that your visit is as pleasant and personal as possible. ANIMALCARE UK uses ‘Functional cookies’ to remember your personal preferences and to avoid repeated communication during repeated visits, for instance when taking part in a promotion.

Performance cookies

ANIMALCARE UK uses performance cookies to decide how you use our websites so that we can customize and improve the content and ease of use of our websites. For example, tracking the number of visitors per page or the most common language in which the website is visited.

Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies will offer personalized content based on your browsing habits. This may include offers for our services on Facebook, Google or other media. The content and activity of those offers are recorded by those media.

Google Analytics cookies
ANIMALCARE UK uses Google Analytics on its website, well-known solutions for collecting analytical data on the internet. This helps us understand how you use the website in a way that allows us to make improvements. These cookies can, for example, keep track of the time you spend on our website, and which pages you visit.
For more information, please visit the official page

Social media cookies
ANIMALCARE UK uses social media buttons and/or plug-ins on its website to connect to your social networks in several ways. Your social networks, such as LinkedIn, place cookies through our website which may be used to enhance your profile on their site or contribute to the data they hold for various purposes, as said in the relevant privacy policy. More information can be found on the official page:
Cookies – Facebook
LinkedIn Privacy Policy
Twitter Privacy Policy

Transfer of Cookies
The ANIMALCARE UK website handles cookies according to your preferences. In full transparency, we inform you that our cookies are transferred outside the European Economic Area, specifically to the United States.

Overview of cookies used
The website of ANIMALCARE UK uses the CookieYes to update the cookies on a daily basis. An overview of the cookies used can be found in the cookie banner. This way we ensure that you can always find an overview of the cookies used.

Embedded content
ANIMALCARE UK may use clickable links on its website to refer to other websites. These hyperlinks will redirect you to a website of another organization. It is possible that the website you are redirected to also uses cookies. ANIMALCARE UK recommends that you consult the terms of use of the organization in question, which are posted on their websites, for information about their privacy and cookie policies.

Changes to the cookie policy
This Cookie Policy is not a static document. Any changes we make to this Cookie Policy take effect immediately. Only the most recent version applies, and can be found on the site of ANIMALCARE UK.