York – January 2021. Animalcare has partnered with RCVS Feline Specialist Dr Sarah Caney to provide new educational materials to help vets strengthen their management of feline hyperthyroidism cases.  In a short 15-minute video, Dr Caney gives her advice on the key aspects of the medical management of these cases.  She also introduces Thiamacare®, the strongest oral solution of thiamazole available, launched by Animalcare in 2020. With 10 mg/ml thiamazole, Thiamacare® is double the concentration of the current liquid option, for the lowest dose volume available.

Dr Caney has also worked with Animalcare to help produce an eye-catching clinic infographic. It includes practical tips on handling hyperthyroid cats in order to minimise stress, as low-stress handling is known to help benefit treatment outcomes.  The infographic also contains tips for owners on transporting cats, gives advice to practices on how to make waiting rooms and consult rooms cat-friendly and suggests considerations for blood-sampling and therapeutic assistance.

Both the video and infographic, together with other helpful content, including a client leaflet and social media toolkit, are available to download free of charge from www.the-pac.co.uk

James Beaumont, Brand Manager, says; “Hyperthyroid cats can be challenging to treat and to handle. We hope the educational resources we have developed with Dr Caney will support practice teams in strengthening the management of these cases, ensuring higher welfare for affected cats and supporting the human-companion animal bond.”

Thiamacare® UK POM-V Vm 32742/4013.  Please refer to the SPC or package leaflet for full product information including side effects, precautions, warnings and contra-indications before use