Animalcare has taken over as the UK distributor of Danilon® Equidos Gold, the leading equine pain management NSAID.

With low ulcerogenic potential and excellent compliance Danilon® Gold is trusted by many owners. It is used to relieve the pain caused by musculoskeletal conditions, such as osteoarthritis (OA), bursitis, laminitis, and soft tissue inflammation in their horses.

Some oral NSAIDs have been shown in increase the risk of gastric irritation¹ – a potential cause for concern for both veterinary surgeons and owners, particularly for the treatment of chronic conditions. However, in gastric studies², horses given Danilon® Gold showed a reduced number of ulcers and those that did appear were less severe. The area of gastric mucosa affected was also five times less.

Accurate administration is critical for clinical success. To support this, Danilon® Gold is presented in a coloured granule formulation and is now available in 3g sachets. Acceptance by the horse is also key and Danilon® Gold’s palatability offers excellent proven voluntary intake.

Commenting, Animalcare Brand Manager Kai Crawshaw said:

“As the original marketing authorisation holder of Danilon® Gold, we are delighted that we are now distributing this incredible product in the UK.

“Danilon® joins our focused suite of products for veterinarians to help them ensure the optimum health and welfare of their equine patients.”


¹ Banse H.E., et al. (2018) Prevalence of and risk factors for equine glandular and squamous gastric disease in polo horses. Can Vet J. 59(8):880-884
²Monreal L., et al. (2004) Lower gastric ulcerogenic effect of Suxibuzone compared to phenylbutazone when administered orally to horses. Res. Vet. Sci. 76, 145-149