Animalcare is offering practices the opportunity to trial the new weekly NSAID for the management of OA pain, Daxocox®, by claiming £250 worth of the product completely free of charge. This is enough to treat six Springer Spaniels for four weeks.

To claim their free product, practices simply sign up at and use the stock selector to collate a product package that suits the patients they feel Daxocox® could help.


Launched in 2021, Daxocox® is a breakthrough in canine OA treatment, proven to effectively treat the pain and inflammation of OA in dogs with simple and convenient once weekly oral dosing.1,2 This is thanks to its unique 7-day phasic pharmacology which maintains consistent plasma levels between doses.3,4 Daxocox® is licensed for all stages of canine OA so can be used in any case where NSAIDs aren’t contraindicated.



Animalcare Marketing Manager James Beaumont explained:

“When you consider that recent data shows that up to 20% of dogs over one year of age could have some form of OA5, the scale of problem becomes clear – as does the threat to the welfare of our canine companions from OA pain.

“Owners already giving Daxocox® to their OA-affected pets, have seen first-hand how it can significantly improve their quality of life. 90% said that their dog’s osteoarthritis improved, with 84% reporting that their dog’s quality of life improved from “poor or fair” to “good, very good or excellent.1

“In a study carried out by Animalare, 88% of owners said that weekly NSAID dosing would be easier to remember, or mean they were less likely to miss a dose or that it would control their dog’s pain more effectively. 6

“Used as a first line treatment for OA, Daxocox® can provide a solid foundation to long-term pain management that suits vets, dogs and their owners. As such, we’re confident that once practices have tried it, it will become their canine OA NSAID of choice.”


To find out more about Daxocox® and how it works, visit


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