Vet Sustain is a UK-based social enterprise working to enable and inspire veterinary professionals to continually improve the health and wellbeing of animals, people and the environment. They produce tools, training and communications for veterinary professionals centred around their six Veterinary Sustainability Goals (SDGs) which are aligned with the UN’s SDGs.

Animalcare became the first UK veterinary pharmaceutical company to achieve a carbon neutral status in 2020 as part of their long-term commitment to running their business more sustainably. In April of this year Animalcare UK were able to plant 200 native British broad-leaved trees at a school close to their Headquarters.

Animalcare will now benefit from expertise and insights from the Vet Sustain group through their new range of supporter packages, which include joint events, in-house training and marketing. It is envisaged that this partnership will help Animalcare to identify and implement key changes to optimise the sustainability of their own operations, and support a transition towards more sustainable products and services for the wider veterinary industry.

Sustainable development is becoming a much-discussed topic within the veterinary sector, with 89% of vets in a recent British Veterinary Association survey saying they would like to play a more active role in the UK sustainability agenda.

Gudrun Ravetz, Chair and Director of Vet Sustain, said

“Veterinary professionals are concerned about sustainability, and veterinary businesses are increasingly recognising that there is both an opportunity and a societal responsibility to lead the way on environmental and ethical issues.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Animalcare – and this represents the first of several exciting partnerships we are developing with progressive companies, to support them on their sustainability journeys. Through their financial contributions, they are also supporting Vet Sustain to build our not-for-profit social enterprise, to enable and inspire veterinary professionals to drive sustainability through their work.”


Animalcare are proud to be official supporters of Vet Sustain, with their proven commitment to ensuring the sustainability of their business, including achieving carbon neutral status. Kai Crawshaw, sustainability lead and Commercial Analyst at Animalcare, said

“As the first UK veterinary pharmaceutical company to achieve a carbon neutral status we believe that we have a duty to lead, support and educate. Whilst on our sustainability journey we quickly identified Vet Sustain as an organisation that aligned with our goals and will enable Animalcare to extend our commitment to running our business more sustainably to being able to support sustainability in the vet sector as a whole. We are delighted to become the first company to partner with Vet Sustain and are excited of what we can achieve together over the next 12 months.”


If any commercial businesses would also like to benefit from Vet Sustain’s range of supporter packages including sponsorship, joint events, and in-house training, they should get in touch by emailing


Animalcare is offering practices the opportunity for a bitesize learning session on the latest canine osteoarthritis (OA) treatment over the lunch of their choice. The company recently launched the first weekly oral NSAID, Daxocox®, which achieves not only significant improvement in the clinical signs associated with the pain of OA in dogs1,2, but may also help to reduce the risk of OA breakthrough pain.

Animalcare Marketing Manager, James Beaumont explained:

“Practice life is busier than ever and we know that practice teams are working very hard. It’s important that they are well-fuelled, so we aim to nourish their bodies and minds with our new Daxocox® ‘Bitesize Lunch and Learns’.  We’re simply asking practices to tell us their lunchtime desire and we’ll make sure that it’s delivered direct to their door.

“Then, in less time than it takes for them to demolish their feast, we’ll explain how breakthrough pain could be haunting their canine OA patients and, more importantly, how our new weekly NSAID, Daxocox®, can help.”


Practices can register for a lunch and learn and submit their lunch order by registering at  or contacting Animalcare on 01904 487687.


Terms and conditions apply.

¹IInternal report: DA/197/C, pending publication 2. Internal report: DA/184/C, pending publication


Felicity Caddick, our Senior Veterinary Manager , has raised more than £500 for StreetVet, our charity of the year, by completing her first Ironman event on 25 July in Nottingham. She finished the gruelling event in 14 hours and 16 minutes, having:

  • Swum 3.8 km at the Regatta Lake at the National Watersports Centre
  • Cycled for 180 km through the Nottinghamshire countryside
  • Run a marathon (42 km) along the River Trent path.

An experienced runner and cyclist, Felicity trained alone and virtually for much of the build-up, especially as swimming was not possible until recently.

She said: “On the day, the water felt warm for what turned out to be a really lovely swim.  The 180 km bike ride was tough but it was an interesting course and, by the time I got to the run, I was able to enjoy myself. I have run multiple marathons so have experience of the distance.

“Having spent all week looking at weather reports of thunder, lightning and extreme weather warnings I had purchased multiple rain jackets to keep me dry and warm on the bike and run.  Of course, what actually happened was that it was really sunny so I had to hastily apply sunscreen mid-race.  At the end we had to run round the lake twice and, with all of the supporters cheering so loudly, it really built a feeling of anticipation for the finish.

“Once I’d crossed the line and found my supporters, I put my water on the ground to pose for a photo and my spaniel Sprocket drank it.  I guess she deserved it after a hard day’s watching me. I was very tired but very happy too – and I’m delighted to have raised these vital funds for StreetVet.”

StreetVet is a charity offering professional veterinary care and support to pets belonging to those experiencing homelessness. It has recently launched an accredited hostel scheme and is working to encourage more hostels in the UK to become pet-friendly so that homeless people do not have to choose between their best friend and a roof over their head. Funds raised by Animalcare will help it to continue to provide vital veterinary support. Animalcare also provides its identichip® microchips, microchip scanners and a free lifetime change of address service for StreetVet clients. As they try to rebuild their lives, homeless people often move through different accommodation, so the lifetime change of address is really significant to support them and their pets.