‘Bitesize Lunch and Learns’ from Animalcare to help practices banish breakthrough OA pain

Animalcare is offering practices the opportunity for a bitesize learning session on the latest canine osteoarthritis (OA) treatment over the lunch of their choice. The company recently launched the first weekly oral NSAID, Daxocox®, which achieves not only significant improvement in the clinical signs associated with the pain of OA in dogs1,2, but may also help to reduce the risk of OA breakthrough pain.

Animalcare Marketing Manager, James Beaumont explained:

“Practice life is busier than ever and we know that practice teams are working very hard. It’s important that they are well-fuelled, so we aim to nourish their bodies and minds with our new Daxocox® ‘Bitesize Lunch and Learns’.  We’re simply asking practices to tell us their lunchtime desire and we’ll make sure that it’s delivered direct to their door.

“Then, in less time than it takes for them to demolish their feast, we’ll explain how breakthrough pain could be haunting their canine OA patients and, more importantly, how our new weekly NSAID, Daxocox®, can help.”


Practices can register for a lunch and learn and submit their lunch order by registering at www.daxocox.co.uk/lunch_learn  or contacting Animalcare on 01904 487687.


Terms and conditions apply.

¹IInternal report: DA/197/C, pending publication 2. Internal report: DA/184/C, pending publication


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