Thiamacare – Book a Lunch and Learn


 Book a Lunch and Learn:


Animalcare has teamed up with Feline Medicine Specialist; Dr Sarah Caney, to produce a Hyperthyroidism Lunch and Learn.
In the lunch and learn we cover:
  • Thyroid Glands and their function
  • Hyperthyroidism – background and history
  • Symptoms and clinical signs
  • How to reach a diagnosis
  • Treatment options
  • Thiamacare® – The Strongest Solution
  • Dr Sarah Caney – expert advice on how to use, and when/how to switch to Thiamacare® 

To register for your interest, just complete your details below and a member of the Animalcare team will be in contact.






    Thiamacare® 10 mg/ml oral solution for Cats
    Active substance: Thiamazole 10 mg/ml.
    Legal Category: POM-V Vm 32742/4013.
    Further information can be found in the SPC, the datasheet or the pack leaflet.
    USE MEDICINES RESPONSIBLY. Thiamacare® is a registered trademark of Animalcare Ltd