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With the summer months approaching and hopefully the warmer weather too, we have created a set of 12 social posts to educate your clients on the benefits of using Oralade®

Oralade® is the UK’s No. 1 veterinary oral rehydration support product.  As the mercury in thermometers starts to slowly creep up – the need to educate owners on the risks of dehydration becomes more apparent.

Dehydration occurs when a pet’s body loses more water and electrolytes than it takes in. When potentially the only source of water for an animal is chlorinated water from a tap, that might not taste very nice, it’s not surprising that dehydration can be a common issue in the warmer months.

Do you know how much fluid an animal should be drinking per day? It is recommended between 30-50ml per KG per day, so for a Labrador sized dog they’d need approximately 1.5L per day to maintain hydration!

Oralade®  is here to help – did you know that 8 out of 10 dogs and cats prefer Oralade®  to water?  With its 100% natural chicken flavour, Oralade®  can make drinking a treat, while providing them with the necessary hydration to stay healthy.

Support your clients with these social posts and help them improve their pets’ hydration over the summer months.

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