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  • Developed from the intestinal bacteria of healthy dogs, the Procanicare live Lactobacillus spp. bacteria are clinically proven to support canine gastrointestinal health1
  • Powder formulation, to be sprinkled over food. 30g = c.15 day usage. 60g = c.30 days.
  • The first UK ‘For Dogs, From Dogs’ GI Support


Usage Occasions

  • Changing diets or post antibiotic use, which can upset the balance in a dog’s gut flora
  • Travelling/re-homing/staying in kennels, which can contribute to a ‘stress gut’
  • Older or have sensitive stomachs, as these dogs often have fewer beneficial Lactobacillus spp. bacteria
  • Pregnant or lactating females, to maintain a healthy gut flora


1Beasley SS, Manninen TJ, Saris PE. Lactic acid bacteria isolated from canine faeces. J Appl Microbiol. 2006;101:131–138. Gómez-Gallego C, Junnila J, Männikkö S, et al. A canine-specific probiotic product in treating acute or intermittent diarrhoea in dogs: a double-blind placebo-controlled efficacy study. Vet Microbiol. 2016;197:122–128.​








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30g, 60g