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Intestinal microbiome disturbance (‘new puppy diarrhoea’) is common




The intestinal microbiome has a strong influence on neurodevelopment – hugely important at a time when puppies are learning new skills, as well as social and behavioural boundaries. 2,3


The immune education ‘window of opportunity’

Early colonisation of the gut coincides with a potentially time-limited period when the immune system is permissive to microbial instruction – i.e. there is a window of opportunity for immune education to occur, influencing resistance or susceptibility to disease later in life. 1,3


Early environmental exposure = adult microbiome composition

The environmental and microbial exposure and assaults experienced in early life influences the composition of the microbial population of the adult microbiome 1,2. It has been shown that adult dogs with ‘sensitive’ guts have lower numbers of Lactobacillus bacteria in their commensal microbiome population. 4

Micriobiome disturbance un early life and adult disease

Human studies demonstrate a strong link between disturbance to the intestinal microbiome in early life, and increased risk of diseases later in life, including respiratory, GI and metabolic disorders. 1,2

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    1 Gómez-Gallego C, Junnila J, Männikkö S, et al. A canine-specific probiotic product in treating acute or intermittent diarrhoea in dogs: a double-blind placebo-controlled efficacy study. Vet Microbiol. 2016;197:122–128.