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With interest growing in the role of a healthy microbiome in sustaining overall health, Animalcare are offering veterinary practices the chance to get their hands on a free pot of Procanicare®.

Procanicare® is the UK’s first ‘for dogs, from dogs’ GI support product, and the 3 live strains of Procanicare’s Lactobacillus bacteria are clinically proven to support canine gastrointestinal health.1





All dogs can benefit from gut support, but it’s particularly beneficial when:



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    Offer terms and conditions:

    1. Free product will either be a 30g or a 60g pot of Procanicare®.
    2. Animalcare Territory Sales Manager will contact you to process your free product request.
    3. No purchase required.
    4. You must work for a veterinary practice which is registered with a UK veterinary wholesaler.
    5. Offer can only be claimed once per veterinary practice.
    6. UK veterinary practices only.
    7. Animalcare reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time.
    8. Promotion valid until 30th April 2021
    9. You must be aged 18 or over.


    1 Gómez-Gallego C, Junnila J, Männikkö S, et al. A canine-specific probiotic product in treating acute or intermittent diarrhoea in dogs: a double-blind placebo-controlled efficacy study. Vet Microbiol. 2016;197:122–128.