Practice Products and Equipment

Microporous Tape 
  • Treatfix
Cohesive Bandages  
  • Treatcoh - mixed colour  (5cm, 7.5cm & 10cm)
  • Treatcoh - blue  (5cm, 7.5cm &10cm)
  • Treatcoh - red  (5cm, 7.5cm &10cm)
Low Adherent Dressing  
  • Treatpad 5x5cm
  • Treatpad 10x10cm
  • Treatpad 10x20cm
  • Treatswabs Sterile  8ply/12ply
  • Gauze Swabs  8ply/12ply/16ply
Elastic Adhesive Bandage  
  • Treatplast Inside Wound
  • Treatplast Reverse Wound
Conforming Bandage  
  • Treatrap 5x4cm
  • Treatrap 7.5x4cm
  • Treatrap 10x4cm
  • Treatrap 15x4cm
  • Zinc Oxide Tape
  • Face Masks Disposable Kennel & Cage Liner
  • Treatwool (HQ Cotton Wool)
  • Aquspray - Sterile Saline Aerosol
Undercast Padding Roll 
  • Treatban
Skin Stapler
  • Skin Mate Stapler Single
  • Skin Mate Staple Remover

This highly successful range has been specially developed by knowledgeable professionals to give veterinary practices a wider choice of quality products for use in the clinical environment. We supply a complete selection of bandages, dressings and tapes.