About Us

The Future

With so much to offer our customers and their clients, we here at Animalcare Ltd are driven and determined to make our business grow.

We intend to achieve this by excelling in our target markets of veterinary led healthcare particularly for companion animals, including instrumentation, pharmaceuticals and hygiene products, as well as providing excellent customer satisfaction from our highly trained sales and customer service teams.

We strive to provide the best possible customer support through our dedicated customer services team and professional sales team. As with all our staff their knowledge and expertise is constantly updated and improved through regular in-house and external training helping them to support and promote our products, providing our customers with detailed, in-depth training and help when needed.

Animalcare will continue to invest in new products and development opportunities whilst at the same time continuing to augment and develop the skills and attributes of its experienced professional staff to fully support these developments to our range.

We intend to expand our product range with new and innovative products. We also intend to strengthen our business through our strategic alliances with major independent companies in Europe.  These strong alliances help Animalcare to gain access for our products in Europe through our partner’s distribution networks whilst at the same time introducing to us an enlarged pipeline of products from our partners' development programmes.