These products can all be sold to your clients to encourage good pet hygiene in the home and to clean up any little accidents

Deocare Shampoo
Concentrated, yet gentle ingredients deodorise your pet's coat, leaving it clean and smelling fresh. Does not cause dryness and is easily rinsed off.

Odour Eliminator
Contains natural enzymes and bacteria which biologically digest unpleasant odours. Odour Eliminator is concentrated and must be activated by using with equal amounts of water, i.e. wet the affected area well with a cloth or spray.

Pet Fresh
Ready-to-use as a deodorant on your pet. Pet fresh does not mask smells but eradicates general pet odours and problem odours.

Rapid Response Emergency Clean Up
A product in powder form that absorbs the fluid content of an accidental spill, binding the waste material into a dry gel for easy disposal.

Biologically removes new and old stains caused by organic waste, pet and human accidents. Ready-to-use formulation.

A ready-to-use enzyme which removes unpleasant stains and odours from organic sources by speeding up the natural degradation process.

Vetaclean Pet Disinfectant
Mulit-use disinfectant with excellent detergent properties.

Pet Hygiene Product Range