About Us


Animalcare Ltd has over 1000 products and services in its product portfolio, ranging from pharmaceuticals to pet health accessories and pet insurance. New products are constantly being developed and marketed with particular emphasis on the pharmaceuticals.

One of our main strengths here at Animalcare Ltd is the ability to develop products as part of a mutually supporting range of goods and services which are then marketed together as an integrated offering. This offers veterinary practices comprehensive supply, support and training for a range of products in one treatment area.

One such example of this is our Aqupharm product offering, based around our veterinary licensed intravenous fluids. This has been developed to include specially adapted giving sets, catheters, stands, infusion pumps and accessories. These are all supported either by simple in practice training or CPD courses given by our own team of in house experts.

Another example is based around identichip®, the UK’s original pet microchip. In addition to the identichip® microchip we offer identichip® with Bio-Thermo, the world’s first biosensor for pets allowing the temperature of an animal to be taken at the press of a button. All identichip® microchips are offered with four weeks free pet insurance from the Animalcare Options policy and are registered on identibase® which, following extensive development in 2011, is the only UK database to offer owner online registration for immediate and more accurate data input. Pet owners registered on identibase® can also pay to join identibase® premium, which includes the enhanced reunification service identifind® which offers invaluable help and advice when pets go missing.

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