Data Sheets

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Amoxycare 200mg Tablets
Amoxycare 250mg Hard Capsules
Amoxycare Injection
Amoxycare LA Injection
Amoxycare Palatable Drops
Ampicare Capsules 

Cephacare flavour 50mg Tablets
Cephacare flavour 250mg Tablets

Cephacare flavour 500mg Tablets
Clavubactin 50                                          
Clavubactin 250                                          
Clavubactin 500
Enrocare 2.5% Injection 
Enrocare 5% Injection                                    Enrocare Oral Solution
Florgane 300mg/ml Injection  
Fungiconazol 200mg                              
Fungiconazol 400mg                                  
Marbocare 20mgml solution                         
Marbocare 100mgml solution                   
Marbocare Flavour 5mg Tablets                 
Marbocare Flavour 20mg Tablets               
Marbocare Flavour 80mg Tablets
Oxycare 10 Solution for Injection
Oxycare 3.6% Cutaneous Spray Solution
Oxycare 20% w/v LA Solution for Injection
Oxycare Tablets 50mg                                        
Oxycare Tablets 100mg                                     
Oxycare Tablets 250mg                                
Tilmodil 300mg/ml Solution for Injection for Cattle and Sheep 
Trimacare 24% w/v Solution for Injection
Trimacare 80 Tablets 
Trimacare Tablet Bolus



Vetaclean Parvo Advance Wipes                                    Vetaclean Floral (94.4KB)                
Vetaclean Lemon (94.5KB)                
Vetaclean Parvo Tablets (105KB) 
Vetasept Chlorhexidine Clear Spray (105KB)             
Vetasept Chlorhexidine Skin Scrub Blue (108KB) 
Vetasept Chlorhexidine Surgical Scrub                         Vetasept Povidone Iodine Antiseptic Solution                                                                             Vetasept Povidone IodineSurgical Scrub             
Vetaclean Parvo Advance Lemon
                     Vetaclean Parvo Advance Apple                      Vetaclean Parvo Advance Lavender             Vetaclean Instrument Disinfectant                   Vetaclean Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner                


Aurimic  Recicort                                                          Sodium Calciumedetate 250mg/ml Concentrate for Solution for Injection
Prednicare Tablets 1mg
Prednicare Tablets 5mg                      
Thiafeline 2.5mg                             
Thiafeline 5mg
                                         Thyroxanil 200mg                                    Thyroxanil 600mg


Aurimic                                                  Recicort           
Prednicare Tablets (95.0KB)              
Sodium Calcium Edetate (90.7KB)Thiafeline Tablets                      
Thyroxanil 200/600mcg

Practice Hygiene

Pet Hygiene

Deocare shampoo (87.0KB)
Odour Eliminator (89.1KB)                   
Pet Fresh (93.2KB)                                     
Rapid Response                           
Stainaway (8.7KB)                                         
Totalcare (88.1KB)                                      
Vetaclean Pet 



Amoxycare 200mg Tablets            
Amoxycare 250mg Capsules
Amoxycare Injection                                     
Amoxycare Injection LA       
Amoxycare Palatable drops                          
Ampicare 250mg Capsules

Cephacare flavour 50/250/500mg Tablets                         
Clavubactin 50/250/500mg                              
Enrocare Injections
Enrocare Oral Solution 
Fungiconazol 200mg and 400mg Tablets  
Marbocare 5mg 20mg 80mg Tablets            
Marbocare Injections
Oxycare 10% Injection
Oxycare Aerosol (102KB)                                      
Oxycare LA (102KB)                                          
Oxycare 50mg and 100mg Tablets(94KB)         Oxycare 250mg tablets       
Streptacare (104KB)
Tilmodil 300mg/ml Solution for Injection for Cattle 
and Sheep
Trimacare 24% injection                                     
Trimacare 80mg tablets                                     
Trimacare Bolus 



Acecare     Anaestamine 100mg/ml                                                 Atrocare
Buprecare 0.3mg/ml
Detonervin 10mg/ml Solution for Injection for Horses and Cattle
Emdocam 20mg/ml Solution for Injection for Cattle,Pigs and Horses

Isocare    Mepidor                                                                     
                                                          Sedadex 0.5 mg/ml injections
Sedastart 1mg/ml Solution for Injection
Sedastop 5mg/ml Solution for Injection     Synthadon
Torphasol 10mg/ml Solution for Injection for Horses
                                                                 Xylacare 2% Injection                                       

Anaesthetics and Analgesics
Anaesthetics and Analgestics

Aqupharm 1
Aqupharm 3
Aqupharm 9
Aqupharm 11
Aqupharm 18                                          Aquspray                                                  Criticare for cats                                      Criticare for dogs

Aqupharm / IV Fluids
Aqupharm & Criticare Fluids
Pet Behaviour 

Pet Remedy Atomiser                                    Pet Remedy Diffuser     
Pet Remedy Spray                                          Pet Remedy Calming Wipes                              


Lax-a-past (88.8KB)                               
Obstetric Lubricant (92.3KB)             Oticare                                         Oticurant