Aquspray Testimonial

27th October 2016

Aquspray Testimonial          

Aquspray is a sterile solution used to flush wounds, reducing the number of pathogens to help promote healing.      

Here at Animalcare we were delighted to receive this recent testimonial from a very happy vet:

A dog with a degloving injury to it's RF metacarpal with loss of tissue down to the bone. This was treated conservatively with bandages and algisite. The aquspray was used to debride the wound. We found the pressure and delivery of the aquspray to be very effective in removing non cellular debris, whilst leaving newly forming cellular bed intact. The treatment took the form of twice weekly dressing and we were very pleased with the results. I would recommend aquspray in a similar situation’.

Mr P.E.Jones  B.Vet Med MRCVS, Bronwydd Veterinary Surgery









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