Aqupharm Fluids

Fluids and Accessories


Aqupharm was launched in 1988 as the first veterinary licensed intravenous fluid range, for use during routine operations and for the treatment of dehydration and shock. 

Aqupharm No1 - Sodium Chloride 0.9%w/v;

available in 100ml; 500ml; 1ltr

Aqupharm No3 - Sodium Chloride 0.9%w/v and Glucose 5.0%w/v

available in 500ml; 1ltr

Aqupharm No9 - Ringers Solution

available in 500ml; 1ltr

Aqupharm No11 - Hartmann’s Solution

available in 250ml; 500ml; 1ltr; 3ltr; 5ltr

Aqupharm No18 - Sodium Chloride 0.18%w/v and Glucose 4.0%w/v

available in 500ml; 1ltr

The Aqupharm range is complemented by a comprehensive range of fluid therapy accessories and technical support materials. From catheters, giving sets and infusion pumps, to CPD training, we can satisfy your fluid delivery requirements.
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