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Animalcare Group plc

Animalcare Ltd is part of Animalcare Group plc

The Animalcare Group has sold its interests in the agricultural division and now concentrates on its UK veterinary business. This business principally operates in the two key areas of licensed veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal identification. Future growth is anticipated to be through its well stocked product pipeline and through potential acquisition. Click here to visit the Animalcare Group plc website.

Animalcare Ltd:

Established in 1988 as part of the York based veterinary supplies business Veterinary Drug Company plc (VDC plc). Animalcare develops, markets and sells specialised products to veterinary surgeons and other veterinary professionals. Now Animalcare not only serves professionals in the UK but markets its products directly in the Republic of Ireland and on a product by product basis through a network of distribution partners, in key markets in Europe.