About Us

A Growing Success

Established in 1988, Animalcare has grown from strength to strength building an enviable reputation within the veterinary market for developing and supporting efficacious, high quality products for veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and practices.

Based in York, in the North East of England, we have 13 sales representatives, two regional managers and a head of sales, supported by a full head office team, within the UK. All of us are dedicated to the support of our customers and their clients.

Animalcare's success as a company is based around listening to what veterinary professionals want and need. Being present through all stages of product development, from researching practices needs to developing and supplying our product allows us to refine our product offering.

In turn this has seen Animalcare become market leaders in some key market segments with widely recognised brands throughout our product ranges. In the UK these include the Aqupharm range of intravenous fluids and the identichip® and identichip® with Bio-Thermo® identification microchips.

Other respected brands in different market segments include our Treat range of bandages and dressings, and our pharmaceutical range which often have the suffix ‘care’ e.g. Amoxycare, Oxycare, Benazecare and Isocare.  

Over the past few years Animalcare have launched a number of new products and consistently achieved above market growth rates.

Animalcare Ltd products are available through Duggan Veterinary Supplies in Ireland 
Tel:+353 (0)504 43169. This range includes Cephacare flavour, Enrocare, Benazecare, Buprecare, Vetaclean, Vetasept, and the Aqupharm Accessories range.